Interior Architecture | Chicago, IL



Location | Chicago, IL

Client | Confidential

Size | 9,400 SF

Phase | Documentation

Team from LJC | Lance Yeary, Charlie Cunov, Sarah Hitchcock

respite within the intensity of a trading firm

A young and energetic trading and technology firm engaged LJC to create a space that reflects their outlook: they take their work seriously but not themselves.

LJC partnered with the client to design a workplace that supports the functionality and technology required for trading operations within a refined, serene environment. Large portions of the floor plate are dedicated to communal areas such as a fitness center, cafe, and gaming area, offering relief from the frantic pace of financial work. In addition to communal areas, quiet spaces are distributed throughout the plan, ranging from an enclosed nap room to semi-private areas for relief from the demanding trading environment.

In the same way that the planning balances the intensity of the trading area with areas of respite, the interior architecture and finish/furniture palette create a dialogue between the polished detailing of the new and the industrial context of the West Loop area building. The new space celebrates the client’s vibrant and unique culture, going beyond a place of work and acting as an extension of their life.